Bury a banana in the ground – it’s amazing what happens after 7 days

Have you ever tried putting a banana in the ground? The result in your vegetable garden could be amazing in just one week.

The banana in the soil can act as a natural fertilizer giving new life to even the most shabby vegetable gardens or plants.

Banana in the ground: why put it

With the arrival of spring it is necessary to take care of the garden much more than in winter. After all, you can’t stop taking care of your garden or your plants, not even in winter. In particular, fertilizing and watering should be constant.

During and after the various lock downs and the advent of the pandemic, having personally grown organic products has increasingly become a necessity. In addition to the fact that taking care of plants and vegetables is an activity that can be quite satisfying, rewarding and able to ease tensions.

Rather than using chemical fertilizers and fertilizers, you can save time, money and do good for nature by using organic fertilizers, coming directly from our kitchen. Coffee grounds, egg shells, fruit peels, vegetable scraps, can become the perfect elements to fertilize your plants. Another example? Place the bananas in the soil . Let’s see how to do it and why it is good for our plants and it is extremely easy to use since it does not require maceration or mixtures that can take up time and desire.

banana in the ground

How to do

Bananas are a fruit that is easy to find in our kitchens. It will not be difficult, therefore, to take a whole one and put it in the ground. Basically, let’s see what needs to be done.

Whether you have a small garden in the ground or  potted plants , you need to make a hole either in the ground or in the pot. At this point, it will be necessary to insert the banana into the ground, inside the hole you just made. At this point, you will need to wait a while.

In fact, a few days will be enough for the banana to begin to decompose. As it decomposes, it will release nutrients into the soil which will slowly be absorbed by the soil and the plant. Thanks to this natural fertilizer, your vegetables will be able to grow healthy and strong.


Bananas, in fact, are very rich in potassium and can enrich the defense system of plants, preventing them from falling victim to diseases or parasites. Furthermore, the banana in the ground, placed whole, will allow the plant to have nourished roots, preventing it from wilting and protecting it from both the cold and prolonged dry periods.

In the case of fruit plants, banana stimulates the production of higher quality fruit; in the case of flowering plants, however, it stimulates flowering.

In addition to the whole banana, banana peels can also be used, left to macerate beforehand in a glass jar with water.

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