Get 1 apple: many orchid branches will grow on the same twig!

Almost no one knows that many orchid branches grow on the same branch. How to do? Just take a single apple.

Orchid branches are among the most delicate in all this fantastic world. Those who are not professionals in the sector are not always able to multiply the branches or save them from a particular situation. For this reason, there is a nurseryman who has decided to reveal a little secret to save the plant also thanks to the help of an apple. How is it possible? Let’s try to follow his advice step by step.

How to make fertilizer with apple

There are some very interesting DIY methods, especially when they concern plants and their survival. The orchid is certainly one of the most delicate in the world, so much so that it is the professionals in the sector – as a rule – who take care of it or give instructions on how to do it.

Before understanding how to take an orchid branch to develop many flowers on it, the initial step involves preparing a natural apple fertilizer. How to do?

  • Take a ripe, organic red apple;
  • Remove the peel and place it in a container or small pan;
  • Pour some water.
Apple as fertilizer

The water with the apple peel will have to boil, and then continue cooking for another five minutes. Once the natural fertilizer is ready, filter and let cool.

Grow healthy orchid branches, with only one branch

Now take the orchid branch that you want to save and proceed in this particular way:

  • With a cotton pad soaked in the apple solution, clean the entire twig and disinfect it;
  • Immediately afterwards, take some soaked disks and place them – piercing them – where there are the flowers that will grow shortly.

This combination is optimal for making the orchid branch ready to grow its flowers on the same branch. Thanks to the nutrients in the apple, the orchid will be sanitized making it much stronger.

orchid branches

This is a solution rich in nutrients that protect, at the same time, the delicate plant or one with particular problems.

The same solution can be used in the same way by spraying it on the flowers, as a  fertilizer or as an essential nutrient for an always beautiful plant.

Another secret is also the use of apple cider vinegar, which keeps all types of parasites away and takes complete care of plants and soil. Vinegar is certainly a precious ally for regulating pH and combating all types of parasites. The strong aroma and properties of the apple are excellent for an orchid, combining the product with the above solution.

It can be used diluted directly in water, or used to disinfect the leaves with the help of a cotton pad. Remember to always ask an expert gardener for advice, so as to proceed in the most correct way.

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