How to grow garlic in water to have an endless supply

Garlic, a marvelously easy-to-grow plant, can thrive even in the absence of soil. It possesses an almost mystical ability to regenerate, a quality that makes it perfect for water-based cultivation. Today, let’s dive into the process of growing garlic in water.

Have you ever noticed how garlic, when left for a while, sprouts new shoots? To harness this natural propensity for growth, here’s a simple guide to cultivate garlic in water.

Firstly, pick out garlic cloves that have started sprouting. Opt for the healthiest ones, ensuring they are free from rot or any imperfections.

Next, place these cloves in a transparent glass or jar. Orient them so that the sprouted end faces upwards.

Pour lukewarm water into the container, ensuring it reaches halfway up the garlic cloves. It’s crucial not to fully immerse them to prevent rotting.

Set the glass or jar on a window sill inside your home, where it can bask in sunlight, for about 4 to 7 days.

Monitor the water clarity. If it turns murky, gently remove the garlic cloves, empty the glass, then refill it with fresh water and replace the cloves.

Allow the garlic shoots to grow until they are at least 7 cm tall. These sprouts can be used in cooking or as a flavorful addition to various dishes.

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