How to make anthurium bloom all year round

The anthurium is a splendid houseplant that can bloom throughout the year with proper care. This guide will show you how to nurture a flourishing anthurium.

Caring for this plant is quite straightforward. As a tropical species, it thrives best in conditions similar to its natural habitat, focusing on climate and humidity control.

Here, we detail the key practices for encouraging your anthurium to bloom, from its placement to its exposure to light.


Anthuriums are often grown in greenhouses, which means they may become more delicate and cease blooming when brought indoors. To counter this, find a spot in your home that mimics greenhouse conditions as closely as possible.


Bright, indirect light is crucial. Direct sunlight can harm the plant, but sufficient light is necessary to promote blooming and ensure vibrant colors.


Avoid exposing the anthurium to drastic temperature changes. Being a tropical plant, it prefers temperatures between 22°C and 30°C. Keep it away from drafts and other sources of sudden temperature variation.


After securing the right spot and light, proper watering is essential. Watering frequency varies with climate and season, with more frequent watering needed in warmer months.

To gauge when to water, feel the soil’s moisture level with your finger. The soil should never be bone dry, nor should the plant be overwatered, as waterlogging can be detrimental.


Choose a fertilizer specifically designed for blooming plants. Adequate nutrients are vital for the anthurium to flower effectively.

A weekly application of a phosphorus-rich liquid fertilizer is recommended for optimal flowering.

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