How to Perfume Your Home and Keep Negative Energies Away with Bay Leaves

If you’ve ever been to a yoga studio, you may have smelled a particular smell. This is because fumigation is often practiced there.

It is a Native American tradition that uses the smoke of sacred herbs to purify a room. This ritual resembles burning incense. And very often, bay leaves are used for this practice. It must be said that bay leaves have unsuspected benefits.

Why use bay leaves?

For Native Americans, laurel is a legendary and sacred plant. It is often used in pharmacies, spas and relaxation centers. This plant is also used as a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and even an antifungal. But above all, it is a remarkably effective cleaning product. In other words, using bay leaf is the ideal solution to having a clean home.

By adding bay leaf to cleaning products, it is possible to eliminate bacteria present on toilets as well as mold that has developed in the walls. This plant gives off a pleasant aroma which, in addition to eliminating unpleasant odors, constitutes a formidable repellent for cockroaches and other harmful insects. A priori, bay leaf does not represent any danger to health or the environment. This is a good alternative to chemical cleaning products.

To enjoy their pleasant scent, you will only need three dry leaves to burn with a lighter. Once these are lit, place them in an earthenware container. Afterwards, all you have to do is spread the smoke throughout the house.

Bay leaves have calming properties that can be harnessed by infusing or diffusing bay essential oil. In addition, it is also a good anti-stress and analgesic. Indeed, beyond its refined taste and its subtle smell, integrated into the bouquet garni, bay leaf is used for its relaxing effect. By burning bay leaves, you will feel a calmer atmosphere. They purify the house of negative energies and thus allow greater relaxation.

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