Make Homemade Banana Peel Fertilizer for Your Garden

The gardening world is currently buzzing with excitement over a new, cost-effective fertilizer approach, pioneered by Sandi Ezell Blackmer, who has gained rapid popularity in the Creative Gardening community. Her secret? An innovative, affordable fertilizer made from banana peel water.

Sandi recently showcased her thriving basil and herb garden, revealing the secret behind their lush growth: a unique fertilizer concocted from banana peels soaked in water. This DIY fertilizer is simple to make: just soak two banana peels in a gallon of water overnight. The resulting banana peel water is rich in potassium and other vital nutrients, making it an excellent organic supplement for various plants, including vegetables, flowers, and herbs.

This homemade fertilizer is convenient and doesn’t require refrigeration. Keep a jug at hand and refill it with water as needed, adding new banana peels as you consume bananas. Over time, the peels will brown and can be replaced with fresh ones, creating a sustainable cycle and a constant supply of nutrient-rich organic fertilizer.

Sandi’s results speak for themselves. She boasts about the extraordinary growth of her plants: a huge spearmint plant, waist-high dill, an abundance of green cherry tomatoes, and a beautiful collection of green peppers.

This homemade banana peel fertilizer solution not only champions organic gardening but also encourages efficient waste use, making it an ideal hack for those passionate about eco-friendly homemaking and gardening.

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