Never plant tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers without this: always give it to the plants

Never forget to give this ingredient to your tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. If you want a rich harvest it is essential, this is what it is.

Plant fertilizer

Cultivating independently what we then put on the table is, without a doubt, a healthy and intelligent choice. This activity allows us to stop worrying about where our fruits and vegetables come from . We can eat lightly knowing that these are foods grown and grown thanks to only natural products, products chosen by ourselves. In addition to this, a further advantage of growing fruit and vegetables is the economic savings . Sure, it’s not easy at all, but it’s worth it.

It’s not easy because cultivating means waiting , it means putting patience and passion into it. When harvest time arrives, the satisfaction is great, and so are the financial savings. Given the increases in recent times, it represents a nice cut on monthly spending . In any case, there are many who give up this type of cultivation. The reason is often the lack of suitable space. Other times, however, the reason is that we believe we can never achieve a quality comparable to that of supermarkets or greengrocers.

There is a way to achieve and exceed the quality of fruit and vegetables on sale and it is very simple . Just pay attention to what to “feed” our plants directly from the root. Let’s delve deeper together and discover what the secret ingredient is.

The essential precautions for tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers

In the popular imagination it is believed that to give life to healthy and quality fruits and vegetables, they must be grown in the simplest way possible. With the term “simple” we mean only the use of water through a well punctuated and measured irrigation . While some results may be achieved with this method, it will never be 100% satisfactory. Our plants need a little extra push to give their best growth. It must be remembered that, just like us humans, plants also have a great need for vitamins and minerals . We often forget that in order to get a quality crop, we have to think about the roots of the plant.


Vitamins and minerals are absorbed by plants through their roots , so it is best to insert them directly into the soil. Taking the right vitamins allows our plants to receive complete nourishment and, consequently, the fruits will be much tastier. We don’t need strange vitamins to buy in specialized shops, we have everything we need already at home . In the particular case of tomato, pepper and cucumber plants you can create a simple mixture rich in vitamins: it will be a real panacea. All you will need is milk , bicarbonate of soda and water . Here’s how it’s done.

Milk, bicarbonate of soda and water: the key to a quality vegetable garden

In order for our plants to have a well-developed root system , large green and healthy leaves, it will be enough to give life to this simple mixture. For tomato, cucumber and pepper plants, the main ingredient is room temperature milk . They will base 200 milliliters of milk, a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate and half a liter of water to dilute everything. Milk contains various nutrients that are very useful for plants, such as proteins, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Baking soda, on the other hand, helps prevent plant diseases , fungi and fungal disease attacks. These actions significantly protect and strengthen the root system.


As a result, thanks to this very simple mixture, we will improve the  growth of plants , their immunity and resistance to diseases. As for the dosage, we must help ourselves with a syringe without a needle. We must pour about 5 milliliters of the mixture into the soil where tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are planted at least two or three times a month. This is a very popular method among growers, try it for yourself .

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