Orchids galore and always vigorous with a hint of this

In recent years, orchids have gained immense popularity as stylish and exotic additions to home decor. Discover the best practices for maintaining their vitality below.

Lush orchids

Orchids, originally hailing from tropical regions, have found a place as captivating interior design elements in our homes. Previously, their cultivation was confined to greenhouses or highly humid and warm environments, mirroring their native tropical conditions.

Nowadays, advancements in cultivation techniques have enabled the successful growth of the most common orchids in more temperate European climates. Scientists have introduced new hybrids that boast increased resilience and ease of reproduction.


The term “orchid” has Latin origins, translating to “testicles,” referencing tubercles visible at the base of terrestrial species endemic to Italian mountains or hills.

Beyond their vibrant and intricate flowers, orchid leaves exhibit a captivating beauty. Whole, oval, or ribbon-shaped with a fleshy texture, these leaves contribute to the plant’s overall allure. The recognizable flower structure comprises three sepals at the top and three petals at the bottom, with the central petal known as the labellum.

Orchid roots are aerial and fleshy, designed to absorb moisture from the air and surfaces they cling to. Contrary to common belief, maintaining a healthy orchid at home requires minimal effort. Moreover, a valuable tip, revealed below, ensures the sustained health and lushness of your orchids.

Vigorous Orchids with a Spoonful of Garlic:

If your orchids haven’t bloomed yet, they may benefit from a change in their environment. Typically, these plants bloom during seasonal changes. However, there’s a natural ingredient that fosters orchid proliferation, particularly in root development and activation.

The surprising ingredient found in every kitchen is garlic. Yes, you read it correctly—garlic powder can be beneficial for orchids. Garlic acts as a natural antibiotic, safeguarding plants against fungal diseases and insects while aiding in the removal of dead roots and leaves.

Healthy orchids

To create a liquid nutrient for orchids, take a spoonful of garlic powder and place it in a glass. Pour boiling water over it, mix thoroughly, and allow the contents to cool. For medium-sized orchids, use five tablespoons of water with minced garlic. Repeat this process every two weeks, being cautious not to overfeed the orchids with liquid, as excess may not yield the desired results.

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