The Lemon Juice Trick to Revive and Bloom Your Orchids

If the orchids you recently purchased are losing flowers or if you have one that hasn’t bloomed in a while, the tricks we suggest in this article might be just what you need.

Orchids come in various shapes and colors, sharing the extraordinary delicacy common to all their blooms. Our homes are certainly not the ideal environments for orchids, requiring special care to keep them alive and thriving.

To mimic its natural habitat and prevent flower drop and premature death, orchids need specific conditions. In this regard, lemon juice comes to our aid. Besides being rich in minerals and vitamins, it helps create slightly acidic soil, perfect for orchids. Here are three ways to use lemon juice to care for your orchids.

Trick 1 Create a potent fertilizer to prevent root rot and promote orchid blooming.

Mix 100 ml of lemon juice with 3 liters of water. Water your orchid with this solution once every 6 weeks. The lemon juice will extend the plant’s life and keep insects and fungi at bay.

Trick 2 This trick is highly effective in giving your orchid’s leaves a glossy, healthier appearance.

Squeeze the juice from a few lemons and soak a cotton ball in the juice. Apply it to the leaves, avoiding excessive use. The orchid’s leaves will improve in appearance after just a few days.

Trick 3 On a plate, pour some water and the juice of 3-4 lemons. Place the orchid pot on the plate to absorb this solution. Allow approximately 30 minutes.

Repeat this trick twice a week to give your plant a boost and make the flowers last longer.

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