Toss walnuts and bay leaves into the pot, and observe the outcome after boiling for 5 minutes – Only polite members say thank you

After a few minutes, adding bay leaves and walnuts to a pot will produce an unexpected result. This is the actual situation. Because of the contribution of Omega 3 and the abundance of minerals that promote energy development, they are both highly popular and vital to diet. Furthermore, it appears that they help the brain and memory because of their similarity.

Walnuts: for this reason, boil them along with bay leaves. Many animals also have a sweet desire for walnut goods; just consider how many cartoon movies and comic books include adorable small animals who frequently wish to eat walnuts.

Furthermore, using them for other purposes besides food is good. This fruit’s shell is frequently used by nursery producers to encourage lush plant growth.

Walnuts are boiled with bay leaves for this reason. They are spread out on the ground to absorb moisture and deter insects, but they are also broken up and combined with dried banana peels to make a natural fertilizer. However, there is another secret that relieves us of a problem that many people encounter on a regular basis. To discover it, we must combine dried fruits with additional components, such as bay leaves.

The natural method Initially, we take a pot with water and let it boil with the walnuts inside for a few minutes, then add some bay leaves and a bit of cinnamon.

When everything starts to boil, insert a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and continue boiling the mixture for a few more minutes, then turn off the stove and let it cool. Once the liquid has reached room temperature, with the help of a strainer, it is poured into a glass jar and left to rest for a few days before being used.

Walnuts are boiled with bay leaves for this reason. After this is finished, we’re going to take the liquid and spray it all over our heads. Because these components tend to strengthen the skin, this will help us fight baldness and hair loss. This occurs as a result of walnuts’ high selenium and vitamin B5 content, which among other advantageous qualities, has the capacity to accelerate hair growth by delaying the onset of gray hair.

This element is fundamental for those who suffer from dandruff, as it prevents and tends to reduce it, while bay leaf tends to strengthen the scalp and the hair root and stimulate growth.

Cinnamon, on the other hand, acts as a vasodilator and therefore tends to promote blood pressure, just like apple cider vinegar which cleanses the hair follicles acting as an antiseptic and disinfectant. In this way, we will have had a completely natural and effective hair treatment.

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